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  • Address:  Estrada municipal ITA 330, km 2,5 (segunda entrada para o distrito de São Gonçalo do Bação no asfalto da MG030 para Engenheiro Correia e Ouro Branco)., Itabirito, Minas Gerais, Brazil
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Our History

Our History

Cuia - a calabash, the shell of cuieira fruit that after dried and cleaned is used by the natives as a bowl.

The Caco de Cuia name has its origin in an event occurred with a former owner. After an accident he got a small pierce in the head and he put a piece of cuia to hide what happened. From this unforeseen event, the farm then became known as the farm of Caco de Cuia. In future land registrations the name changed from Fazenda da Granja to Fazenda Caco de Cuia.

In the 50s the Caco de Cuia farm was a local reference in the production of vegetables and fruits in partnership with Japanese immigrants, especially through the owner Aida and his family. It was built on site one of the first slope silos of Minas Gerais, with 200 tons capacity, used for the conservation of fodder to be used for animal feeding during the dry season.

In 1975, the farm was acquired by the orthopedist and professor José Henrique Godoy da Matta Machado, as a place of recreation for his family. Initially structured for dairy farming in 1981, it was converted to organic and biodynamic farming, being one of the first farms in Minas Gerais to be certified as organic.

In 1988 the farmhouse headquarters was renovated and converted into a hotel, and in 2010 a revamp of the headquarters began, including a renovation of an old barn converted into an space for events. The farm has been transformed little by little, making it a perfect place to host guests.